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Abridged ASI Report

Proof of temple found at Ayodhya: ASI report
( news report)
August 25, 2003

In what could be a turning point in the Ayodhya dispute, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has reported to the Allahabad high court that its excavations found distinctive features of a 10th century temple beneath the Babri Mosque site.

The Sunni Central Waqf Board, however, termed the report as 'vague and self-contradictory'.

The 574-page ASI report consisting of written opinions and maps and drawings was opened before the full Lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court on Monday morning.

The report said there was archaeological evidence of a massive structure just below the disputed structure and evidence of continuity in structural activities from the 10th century onwards up to the construction of the disputed structure (Babri Mosque).

Among the excavation yields it mentioned were stone and decorated bricks, mutilated sculpture of divine couple, carved architectural members including foliage patterns, amalaka, kapotapali, doorjamb with semi-circular shrine pilaster, broken octagonal shaft of black schist pillar, lotus motif, circular shrine having pranjala (watershute) in the north and 50 pillar bases in association with a huge structure. The archaeological evidence and other discoveries from the site were indicative of remains that are distinctive features found associated with the temples of north India, the ASI report said.

The ASI report said there is sufficient proof of existence of a massive and monumental structure having a minimum dimension of 50x30 meters in north-south and east-west directions respectively just below the disputed structure.

In course of present excavations nearly 50 pillar bases with brickbat foundation below calcrete blocks topped by sandstone blocks were found, the report said.

It said the pillar bases exposed during the present excavation in the northern and southern areas also give an idea of the length of the massive wall of earlier construction with which they are associated and which might have been originally around 60 meters.

The center of the main chamber of the disputed structure falls just over the central point of the length of the massive wall of the preceding period which could not be excavated due to presence of Ram Lala at the spot in the make-shift structure, the ASI report said.

In a significant observation the report said towards east of this central point, a circular depression with projection on the west, cut into the large sized brick pavement, signifying the place where some important object was placed.

The ASI report, however, said various structures exposed right from the Sunga to Gupta period do not speak either about their nature or functional utility as no evidence has come to approbate them.

The report said during and after the Gupta period up to late and post-Mughal period the regular habitational deposits disappear in the concerned levels and the structural phases are associated with either structural debris or filling material taken out from the adjoining area to level the ground for construction purpose.

As a result of this much of the earlier material in the form of pottery, terracottas and other objects of preceding periods, particularly of Kushan period, are found in the deposits of later periods mixed along with contemporary material, it said.

The area below the disputed site thus remained a place for public use for a long time till the Mughal period when the disputed structure was built which was confined to a limited area and the population settled around it as evidenced by the increase in contemporary archaeological material including pottery, the ASI said in its report.

It went on to state that this observation was further attested by the conspicuous absence of habitational structures such as house-complexes, soakage pits, soakage jars, ring wells, drains, wells, hearths, kilns or furnaces.

The report said the human activity at the site dates back to 13th century BC on the basis of the scientific dating method providing the only archaeological evidence of such an early date of the occupation of the site.

The ASI report said the northern black polished ware using people were the first to occupy the disputed site at Ayodhya in the first millennium BC although no structural activities were encountered in the limited area probed. A round signet with legend in Asokan Brahmi is another important find of this level, it said. The report said the Sunga period (second-first century BC) comes next in order of the cultural occupation at the site followed by the Kushan period. The report said during the early medieval period (11-12th century AD) a huge structure of nearly 50 meters north-south orientation was constructed which seems to have been short lived as only four of the 50 pillar bases exposed during the excavation belonged to this level with a brick crush floor. On the remains of the above structure was constructed a massive structure with at least three structural phases and three successive floors attached with it, it said.

The architectural members of the earlier short-lived massive structure with stencil-cut foliage pattern and other decorative motifs were reused in the construction of the monumental structure which has a huge pillared hall different from residential structures providing sufficient evidence of construction of public usages which remained under existence for a long time during the period, the report said. The report concluded that it was over the top of this construction during the early 16th century that the disputed structure was constructed directly resting over it.


At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By S.P. Attri (USA)
1. Religions, Religious-Dogmas and Designs, have always been competitive, and even combatively pursued. Even though this desire is rather universal, the religions of exclusivity (Islam and Christianity), are Openly, without pretense and without reserve, pursuing this design.
What is the Explanation for this Hell-Bent and Impulsive Desire to pick up Converts? This hunger and longing for converts, comes from " THE DESIRE TO CONTROL AND INFLUENCE THINGS IN THE WORLD."
The Might and Muscle-Power, to influence things in this world, comes from Numbers, in the population, in this world. In other words, the greater the numbers, the louder the voice, and more immense and more massive, is the Capacity to influence things in this world. Hence, more Christians there are in this world, more is the Christian-Power, to control and influence things in the world (same with Islam).
2. And there is no end to this desire either!. The more converts they pick up, the greater is their desire to pick up some more.
Of course, the Grease-Monkeys (GMs: The clergy of Islam and Christianity), do not phrase their desires this way, and you will Never be able to get them to admit this Truth. The GMs will blame all this on some External factors, such as Greed, Corruption, Violence, and Cruelty of cultures, adding that all of these Malevolent-Factors, are the Works Of The Devil.. This Hateful-Entity, is the one that Christianity confronts, and that is why Christianity is needed, to drive out this Devil. The GMs explain that Devil changes his face, takes on various roles, to tempt the Non-Christians, and enforce his views. Christianity is the Only-Entity, that can save these Non-Christians, from going to Hell. Christianity is their Only-Hope (Same way with Islam).
3. Say the GMs: All Non-Christians, and Non-Christian Prophets and Apostles, are Deceitful-Workers. They are All works of the Devil, and like the Devil, have transformed themselves into " Angels Of Light" and " Ministers Of Righteousness." But they are Not the real thing, they are only keeping up appearances. They are Not God, nor are on God's Side, they are Anti-God, and their work is cut-out for them, by the Devil, they shall surely go to Hell.
This is the Declared-Aim of the GMs of Islam and Christianity, made known to us via their vociferous recitations and run-downs, on the state and nature of evil in this world.
4. The reality, however, is Totally-Different. What is the reality?
The GMs are Power-Hungry Egomaniacs. Their Impulse to sell Christianity (same with GMs of Islam) comes from their desire to increase their (Christian) numbers, as fast and as furiously as they possiblity can, they will do just about anything to get what they want. Their desire is Headstrong and Headlong, it can neither be subdued, nor controlled.
This Headlong-Impulse, along with hatred of Non-Christians and their Devil, nearly-always leads towards usage of more Persuasive, more Convincing, and more Forceful Techniques, such as War, Force, Fraud, Tricks and Treachery. Both Christians and Moslems know this very well, that people respect Force. Consequently, these More-Persuasive and More-Conving Methods have been employed, on a large scale for centuries, by both Islam and Christianity, on the world stage.
5. Note this: Christiantiy (same with Islam) calls itself the Religion of Peace, Love, and Brotherhood. In reality, however, Blood-Lust, Blood-Letting, and Butchery, has been the Theme of Christianity, for centuries. This theme has been fueled by the Terror and Fear of the Devil, and the Desire to take revenge against the Devil, who is the enemy of their God. However, fighting a War Of Terror against the Terror of Devil, has only made Christians, the Terrorists Of Christianity. It is worth pointing out that:
No matter, how justified this terrorist-war against the Hateful-Devil may be, it cannot and does Not put Christianity, on the Throne of the Holy-One, as a Religion of Peace, Love, and Brotherhood (which it claims to be ).
Both Islam and Christainity, have a "History Of Murder." The Slaughter, Blood-Letting and Blood-Bath, Looting, Plundering, and Raping of Non-Christians/Non-Moslems for centuries, have been Orchestrated by the Soldiers of Islam and Christianity. For centuries, Islam and Christianity, have been Scaring the Crap out of, Non-Moslems/Non-Christians, and this Murder-Party has been HOSTED by Hazrat Mohammad and Jesus Christ.
7. To put it simply:
There is Damning-Evidence against both Islam and Christianity. Both Islam and Christianity are:
Islam is a Venom-Spitting Viper, its Terror is no less threatening, that the Snake-Head Terror of Christianity.

At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By S.P. Attri (USA)
1. An extensive amount of commentary exists on Islam and Terrorism. But as long as we are calling a spade a spade, let us not be bashful, and tell it like it is, and refer to it openly as ISLAMIC-TERRORISM. The story, however, is really very simple, the story is that:
"Islam Is Terrorism."
There is no need to look at the bullies of Islam (whether they are in Kashmir or Bangladesh or any where else) separately from Islam. Why? Because terrorism goes with the territory of Islam. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that:
" Islam teaches cruelty, not humanity."
Don't wait till tomorrow to understand this Cruelty-Reality, because danger from this Reality is already here.
2. Islam's Cruelty is Equal-Opportunity Cruelty, regardless of which Kafir (Non-Moslem Infidel) the Moslems are dealing with. Even when the Moslems are dealing with animals, they seek to insure equality of cruelty on these poor helpless innocent creatures, their treatment of animals is no better than what they give to other Kafirs. The amount of cruelty that Moslems inflict on animals that they slaughter (very very slow slaughter), would push a normal person, to the edge of his sanity. One would feel that these Moslems are Dangerous-Lunatics, but their Mullas who recite holy verses from the Quran, as the animal-slaughter progesses, describe it as Allah's Way, and a way of securing Janat (Moslem's Paradise). Consequelty, an average Moslem does not feel, the least bit of pity, for these innocent creatures of our planet. Naturally, you cannot expect the Moslems to treat other Non-Moslem Kafirs, any better than what they do to these innocent-animals.
What about the Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals? What is their Take on the Islamic-Technique of Slow-Slaughter, which is much much more that Cruel?
This Society does not want to deal with or cope with Islamic method of Slow-Slaughter. Why? Because, it is part of Islamic Religion and Islamic-Ritual.
In other words, this Society is telling us that:
" Cruelty to animals is permitted, provided it is done in the name of religion, and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals, does not want to intervene or interfere in any religious-ritual or religious practice."
This is how this Society justifies its Double-Standard, without making any admission that they are giving permission, for the practice of this Sickening and Disgusting Ritual.
This is a Real-Glimpse into the story of Islam and Terrorism.
3. Because this art of cruelty is done in the name of Allah, and with a promise from Allah of securing entry in Janat (Moslems's Paradise), Moslems are unlikey to cease and desist from their Dark Art of Brutality, the rewards are just too great, to talk the Moslems out of their Barbaric-Practices.
Hindus should be especially concerned about Islam's Cruelty and Terrorism, because the Storm Of Islam's Terrorism, is building up fast in India, and is getting ready to burst upon the Hindus, and engulf all Hindus. The fully-formed storm of Islam, shall be roaming over our heads in India, in no more than two or three decades. Those Hindus who think they can bum their way through, without paying the price of Hinduism-Defense, are severely mistaken. In fact, it is a Completey Insane Idea.
Islam's Barbarism, is more deadly than you can shake a tail at it. No Kafir is beyond the Violent-Reach of Islam. Any Kafir (Hindus included), who refuses to convert to peaceful religion of Islam, gets the treatment of cruelty, befiitting a Kafir, and Allah's Injunctions on Looted-Property, apply fully to Hindus. Property captured by Moslems during war against the Kafirs, is classified as Spoils of War (Looted-Property). Looted-Property includes Hindu-Women and Children, as well as Hindu Men who were not killed in war, and became Prisoners Of War. But Islam does not call them as Prisoners of war, Islam classifies them all as Slaves (Women, Children, and Captured-Soldiers). Slaves are treated as Merchandise, to be treated/maltreated, sold, or killed, depending upon the whim of the Moslems.
Moslems do not see anything immoral in this method of handling merchandise of war, he regards it all as "Spoils Of War," which Allah gave them, and:
Allah is Able to do all things, and
Allah knows all things...and guides Moslems on a right path.
4. This invocation of Allah in the affairs of Moslems, plays a critical role in the attitude of Moslems, in their treatment of Non-Moslems. To evolve Islam into a Peaceful-Religion, requires a change in direction of its journey, away from Jehad, it also requires getting rid of its Cock-Eyed Beliefs. This magnitude of adjustment in the Beliefs and Practices of Islam, is Not possible. Demons of Islam will continue to assert their psychological control over the minds of Moslems. And Moslems will continue to copy the ways of their Hot-Shot Master, Hazrat Mohammad, whose Road-Map parallels the ways of our Chicago-Boy, Alphonso Scarface Capone.
Because Islam's Jehad has worked for it in the past, why should Moslems change it now. Moslems are neither open to change it, nor feel any need for them to change. We Hindus regard murder as the most heinous crime, but Islam's Allah regards it as the Holy-Activity of Jehad. Islam's Allah has no respect for human life and dignity, nor for the life of any animal. More important than that, Jehad is a contract between Allah and Moslems, and Jehad is the surest way of securing a seat in Janat (Moslem's Paradise). This contract is so beneficial to the Moslems, that Allah declares it as a Bargain, and persuaders his followers (Moslems) to commit the most hideous misdeeds, while assuring his Moslems that:
Allah is the best keeper of his promises (the Moslem can be confident that Allah is going to keep his end of the bargain).
5. Those Hindus who are expecting Islam to change, are " Wildly-Wrong," they are "Dream-Catchers," Islam will continue its Ideology of Terrorism, Barbarism, Brutality, and Oppression, and will become famous for its Thunderstorm of Barbarism.
We Hindus cannot defend Hinduism against the Barbarism/Terrorism of Islam (and Christianity), unless we are willing to make some difficult decisions for ourselves. Phoney-Liberal Hindus amongst us, are shooting their mouths off, to score some points with Minorities (an euphemism for Moslems and Christians), and in the process are dragging Hindus (and Hinduism) through the mud.
But Islam (which Phoney-Liberal Hindus admire so much) is no saint, Islam is a Bandit, and Moslems are on the Terrorism-Express of Islam, they are not likely to get off the Terrorism-Express.
If we don't stand up to the Barbarians (of Islam and Christianity), everybody in the world shall abandon us, the only friend that we Hindus shall still have, will be a Cracker-Jack. Resolute Standing-Up on our part, is critical to our Hindu-Security and Survival. We need to increase and multiply our commitment to the defense and survival of our Hindu-Order. It we don't take up action quickly, then Unthinkable will happen, and Grim-Predictions about Hinduism's Future, shall come out true.
6. But Islam is not Indestructible, and Moslems can be cut to pieces, if confronted convincingly and resolutely, especially via Ratio-Technique.
A lyric from one of the old Indian-Movies reminds us:
Duniya Se Daro Mat,
Daro Gey, To Duniya Daraye Gee
Duniya Ko Laat Maro Gey
To Duniya Salaam Karey Gee
( If you act scared towards the world, then world shall surely scare you and push you down. But if you kick the world in the A**, then world shall take its hat off to you, and shall salute you for your courage).
The above is not High-Flying Fantasy, people respect Force and Power, and the Spunk and Spirit of Gutsy-Individuals, does not go un-noticed by the world.
7. We Hindus need to quickly work out for ourselves, a New Pattern of Thinking, that will work for us in modern times, defeat our barbaric-adversaries, and ensure our safety and survival.
Surinder Paul Attri

At 2:32 AM, Blogger hinduismdefense said...

By S.P. Attri (USA)
1. News reports coming out of India, point to an expert orchestration of terrorist strikes against Mumbai’s local trains on 11 July 2006. The blasts in Mumbai local trains, are supposedly carried out through Al-Qaeda’s surrogates, Lashkar-E-Tayiba, and SIMI (Students Islamic Movement Of India). Isn’t this the direct-fruit of India’s foolish repeal of anti-terrorist law of POTA?

2. Moslems’s urge for Jehad is well known, Moslems have “Always” regarded Non-Moslem Kafir lands, as Dar-Ul-Harb (the battle-ground), and the financial capital of Kafir-India, Mumbai, is an ideal hunting ground for Islamic-Predators. You can be certain that there is no shortage of Jehadi-Recruits, willing to do the dirty work of Islam. These recruits feel proud of themselves, they feel in control, as they are calling the shots, when they are killing Kafirs.

3. George W. Bush tells us that, Moslems are members of a religion that, is so full of love. Judging by the behavior of Moslems during the last 1400 years, it is total mythology to label Islam as a religion of peace, and Moslems as so full of love. Contrary to what Simple George has been spoon-fed, Islam is anything but love. It is extremely necessary to separate fact from fiction, and mythology from reality. The actual existent historical data of last 1400 years, clearly shows Moslems murder of Non-Moslems Kafirs, and their genocide, in Islam’s eternal precipitous war of Kafir-Hatred.

4. These are the same “Loving-Moslems” who recently killed five Kafir-Hindus in Kashmir, by slitting the throat of one, and cutting off the tongues and noses of four others, repeatedly shouting slogans at them, of being Kafirs and informers of police.

These are the same Loving-Moslems, who cross over from Pakistan into Indian Kashmir, and slaughter Kafir-Hindus. During the last 15 years, they have murdered more than 50,000 Hindus, and evicted more than 300,000 Hindus from their homes in Kashmir.

5. Marketing Islam as a religion of peace, and labeling Killer-Moslems as Loving-Moslems, may be politically correct, as well as a vote-getting gimmick for Phoney-Liberal politicians of India, but it does not belie the true nature of Islam, nor can it ever refute:


Like wolves and sharks, Moslems are predators, and history is a strong guide that their mission is to wipe off, all Kafirs from the map of the world.

6. For Hindus, Moslems Kafir-Hatred and killing of Non-Moslem Kafirs, is not a simple human rights issue, but is illustrative of a mandatory necessity, to plan some strong countermeasures, to hunt down these barbaric-predators. Islam’s threat against Non-Moslem Kafirs is especially worrisome, in the light of Moslem’s sacred duty of Jehad, and their yearning to establish Allah’s Empire all over the earth.

7. After centuries of Hindu-Slaughter, at the hands of Moslems, the issue before the Hindu right now, is a Hamletian-Conumdrum:

“TO STRIKE OR NOT TO STRIKE (against the Predatory-Moslems), THAT IS THE QUESTION.”

Surinder Paul Attri

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Subj: Sarvadharamsambhvay
1. Attriji

Sarvadharamsambhvay, I think you are referring too.

Those, who recite this precious Mantra have indeed taken a leave of their senses. I couldn't disagree with
you. This pious Mantra has no room for ADHARMA in it, but penny does not drop in some of us.

BK Chaudhari

2. My Take:
Chaudhari Sahib: Thanks for your comments.

3. Reg: Sarvadharamsambhvay: Yes, that is the term that they use.
Frankly, I don't think much of this term, because it is phoney.

Sarvadharamsambhvay or Equal Respect ( or Equal Consideration ) for all religions, can exist ONLY among those religions who, have goodwill towards each other, and wish each other well. It CANNOT exist amongst followers of Hostile religions. Do Moslems or Christians wish us Hindus well, or are they working for total destruction of our Hindu faith ?

4. Quote: Those, who recite this precious Mantra have indeed taken a leave of their senses
COMMENT: Very much so, Chaudhari Sahib. Their logic has gone to pieces.

That is why, no matter what label you put on this bull-sh**, it stinks. It is an Out-House Expression ( Please pardon my French or my Portuguese ! ).

5. This term also does a double or triple mischief. Phoney-Liberal politicians of Congress, CPI, Janata Dal et al, who tout this BS day in & day out, are keeping the Hindus completely in the dark, about the condition of their Hindu society. It conceals the heinous conspiracy that, Moslems & Christians are hatching for the total liquidation of Hinduism from India. By putting Hindus to sleep, they keep them from taking steps, to confront the hostile ideologies of Islam & Christianity.

6. To put it simply & succinctly, this expression is a GIANT fraud on the Hindu. It destroys his cultural ( Hindu ) identity, and makes him turn his back on his Hinduism ( and its Vedic roots ).
A rational & alert Hindu, should see through this deceit & deception, and recognize that:
" The Phoney-Liberals are up to No Good. "

Surinder Paul Attri


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